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Sean’s Fantasy Football Frenzy

Pickup’s of the Week

As we close in on the final few weeks of the fantasy season, we are all looking to either make that trade that will put our teams over the top or pickup that last minute waiver wire that will provide us with the needed ammo to win the league.  Here are some guys that may be worth some risk in the upcoming weeks, leading up to the playoffs.   

Tim Tebow- Not a very good QB in the NFL, but for fantasy purposes he puts up solid stability each weeks with his rush and pass yards.

Denarius Moore- Emerging WR that seems to have both caught the eye of new QB Carson Palmer and developed a good chemistry.  Should continue to be a big part of the passing game.

Roy Helu- Have been raving about him for weeks but uncertainty on how much playing time he will get.  He is the best back in Washington but Shanahan never listens to what the fans want.

Jacoby Ford- Along with Moore, he seems to have revived his season with the coming of Palmer.

Earl Bennet- Played his college days at Vanderbilt with his buddy Cutler.  Now he finds himself back on the same team as his buddy and their chemistry doesn’t seem to have gone away over the years.

Jason Hill- Probably the best passing option that the Jags have and has caught a TD in 3 of his last 4 games.

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