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Sean’s Fantasy Football Frenzy

Sean’s Fantasy Football Frenzy

Raider's quarterback Carlson Palmer and head Coach Hue Jackson

 New Faces Now Taking the Wheel of the Ship

In the crazy world of football that we all love to watch there are 5 quarterback’s (Rodgers, Brady, Vick, Rivers, and Brees) that we all love and start regardless of matchups week in and week out.  Other than those previously stated quarterbacks the position is relatively close and we can choose to play the “matchup” game and still see solid results.  Once in a while, there are the games where we all misconceive a matchup that the qb we choose is a bust.  Now try throwing 4 new quarterbacks into that matchup game that we have not seen much of, or even at all, this season.  These 4 new qb’s are Ponder (Viks), Palmer (Raiders), Tebow (Bronc’s) and Beck (Skin’s).  They all have their own unique skill sets and their flaws, but all have the confidence of their coaching staffs.  Since we haven’t gotten much of a sample size of their game play they are hard to rank in with the other fillers for the bye week.  However, if I had to choose one of the group I would roll with Tebow for this week.   I will post my rankings on how I believe they will perform for this week then follow that with another list as to how I deem they will pan out of the rest of the year.

1. Tebow vs. Miami- Tebow should take advantage of a weak Miami secondary and run at least one in for a TD.

2. Beck vs. Carolina- Beck got some solid playing time last year and looked semi productive.  Carolina’s team is pretty solid but can be exploited.

3. Ponder vs. Green Bay-  Look for Ponder to be more of a game controller and rely heavy on Peterson.  All together a bad matchup so don’t look for much.

4. Palmer vs. KC- Don’t look for Palmer to play this week, but if he does move him to second on the list and exploit a weak KC defense.


Rest of the Year Ranking

1. Palmer- Proven qb on a team that surrounds him with talent and the NFL’s leading rusher

2. Tebow- Good skill set and has Mike Vick-like moves but with less speed.

3. Beck- Has some decent weapons around him and could use his previous history to his benefit to avoid certain temptations.

4. Ponder- Only real weapon around him is Peterson and even then teams could game plan and force him to throw.

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